Our Lubricant Brands

Providing Quality Lubricants to the Industrial, Heavy Duty and Automotive Industry


With more than 90 years of experience manufacturing top-quality lubricants, we can help with all your lubricant needs. Sure, specifications can be different from one tough job to the next. That’s why CITGO produces an extensive inventory of different lubricants.

Mystik Lubricants

Mystik Lubricants offers specialized performance lubricants that are developed in real-world conditions to meet the unique demand for automotive, on-road fleets, off-road and agriculture equipment, and power sports.

Champion Hi-Tech Lubricants

Champion Brands, LLC, is a globally recognized industry leader in synthetic oil for over 55 years. Champion Brands, LLC also produces and blends over 300 products including fuel, oil, engine additives, and other automotive lubricants.

Klotz Lubricants

Developing products specifically for the motorsports and high-performance industries is our niche. In fact, Klotz sets the standard for synthetic lubricants across the board in these markets. Mastering the science of synthetic lubrication is our first and highest priority.