CITGO® Premium Gear Oil (MP), SAE 80W-90

CITGO Premium Gear Oils (MP) are multipurpose gear lubricants whose high performance level is obtained by using a sulfur-phosphorus additive system. The selected additives impart extreme pressure properties to protect automotive gears which may be operated under the most severe service conditions encountered in passenger cars, trucks, farm tractors, earth moving, construction and other heavy-duty equipment. These additives specifically impart antiweld, antiscuff and antiwear properties necessary in heavy-duty service gear lubricants. Blended to meet the multigrade viscosity requirements described in SAE J306 viscosity recommended practice. These gear lubricants are formulated with naturally high VI, highly refined base oils and do not require viscosity index improvers to meet multigrade viscometric properties. These lubricants maintain their viscometric properties throughout their useful life and will not lose viscosity through shear.

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